Kennel Design
The Essential Guide to Creating Your Perfect Kennels
(Hardback Book)

Essential reading for anyone considering starting, building or updating kennels. Our clients call it their 'bible'.

Step-by-step kennel building guidance & advice from expert David Key on plans, construction, materials, equipment and all aspects of your design.

This complete reference guides you through all the options you need to think about before building or updating your kennels.

Have you ever been to kennels & come out thinking:
"I want to do MUCH better than that!"?
This ispirational book shows you how you can.

The Kennel Owner's 'Bible'

Our clients call this their 'Bible' because it's indispensable whether starting a business from scratch or expanding.

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Stunning colour photos, ideas & inspiration

Kennel Design: The Essential Guide to Creating Your Perfect Kennels
Kennel Design: The Essential Guide
to Creating Your Perfect Kennels
by David Key

Kennel Design book back cover
Back cover

This book is for everyone considering a career as a caring and professional rescue centre, boarding kennels or dog hotel owner.

Find out what it's like to completely change your lifestyle and income doing something you LOVE - spending your day with dogs.

Full colour, BIG hardback book

Kennel Design: The Essential Guide to Creating Your Perfect Kennels is a BIG hardback book (over 10" square and 1.25" deep) and totally unique.

Photos so big & clear, it's just like looking through a window!

Lavishly packed with 470+ large colour photos, many of which are full-page or double-page spreads showing lots of detail.

Technical Information

Hardcover book with paper jacket.

Foreword: by Clarissa Baldwin OBE, former Chief Executive of Dogs Trust.

Pages: 480 pages

Colour photos: 470

ISBN-10: 0953800229

Weight: 2.23 kg | 4.9 lbs

Size: 10" x 10.5" x 1.25"
(25cm x 27cm x 3.1cm)

Meet the Expertise Behind It

David Key Kennel Design

David Key

David Key is a Consultant in Kennel and Cattery Design and has advised hundreds of potential and existing owners and organisations worldwide, providing technical building advice, as well as continuing to look at design issues, construction methods and materials that help improve animal welfare accommodation.

For over 30 years David has also been responsible for the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity's animal and staff buildings and property at their cat and dog adoption, companion animal & equine rehoming centres and veterinary hospitals. He has also advised many other well-known animal welfare charities and organisations.

David has been professionally involved with animals for over 40 years. His experience spans companion animals, wildlife and wild animals and he has provided guidance/advice to animal welfare organisations, rescues, government, police forces, customs and excise, boarding, breeding, multi-pet owners, veterinary clinics/hospitals, quarantine, architects, surveyors, project managers and contractors and as an expert witness.

He has also had the privilege of assisting thousands of animal lovers worldwide to become facility owners themselves through this book and website.

Gwen Bailey

Gwen Bailey

Dog welfare and behaviour expert Gwen Bailey helps you better understand and incorporate dog welfare knowledge into your design to improve it beyond measure.

This is Life-changing!


How many of us dream about changing our lives, starting our own business, working from home in a beautiful countryside location, spending more time with our beloved pets, and making a difference to the lives of dogs and their owners?

You probably already have a multi-dog household, but whether you have always dreamed about working with dogs, have just realised that this is what you want to do with your life, are already lucky enough to be working with dogs, or you are just interested in dog welfare (generally or professionally) – you will adore this inspirational book.

Dog Welfare

Whether you are interested in what makes good housing for your own dogs, boarding, rescue or breeding – the foundation should be good dog welfare. As well as looking the part, your kennels must be easy to live in, visit and work with on a daily basis – and this book will provide you with the ideas, practical information, design advice and inspiration to help you create your perfect kennels.

Expert Kennel-building Advice

This essential guide will provide you with an easy to read, encouraging and inspirational overview of kennel systems, equipment and materials. With step-by-step guidance for creating your perfect kennel design at your fingertips, and real life case studies, this book will help you understand how kennels can be improved with dog welfare knowledge.

You can get it RIGHT  ~   by doing it BETTER

We want to see kennels improving, not only for the dogs' welfare but also to encourage caring new owners to build better housing, love the lifestyle and become far more successful by doing that!

See What's Inside

Find out why you need this book on your coffee table...

Foreword by Dogs Trust

Foreword by Dogs Trust

Foreword written by Clarissa Baldwin OBE, former CEO of Dogs Trust

Whatever type of dog facility you’re looking to build, I am certain this book will help you create a first class kennels facility for your customers, both two and four legged.

At Dogs Trust we are changing the way kennels look and feel forever. This is why I am so delighted to introduce you to a book that will inspire and encourage you, and show you the many benefits that good kennel design has for you and the dogs in your care.

Contents List

Contents List:

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  1. Today's Demands
  2. Purchase & Planning
  3. Noise
  4. Site Requirements
  5. Dog Welfare
  6. Legislation
  7. Kennel Styles & Designs
  8. Ancillary Buildings
  9. Project Management
  10. Construction Materials
  11. Thermal Insulation
  12. Finishing Materials
  13. Environment Control
  14. Environment Enrichment
  15. Drainage, Kitchen, Cleaning
  16. Utility & Service Supplies
  17. Enfironmental Legislation
  18. Making it Yours

Real Life Case Studies

We've included TWELVE fascinating case studies from successful boarding kennels, and world-renowned animal charities such as Dogs Trust, San Francisco SPCA, Dublin SPCA, The Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as well as top boarding kennels and dog hotels - all our case studies are from the UK, America and Ireland.

We searched worldwide to find some of the best and most successful boarding and rescue kennels to include as case studies, with BIG colour photos, descriptions and insider information on what makes their kennels so unique, successful, and financially viable.

Providing facts, statistics, advice & design guidance with real-life examples, layouts, and hundreds of BIG colour photos - to give you masses of ideas, inspiration and motivation to start your own kennels... and the encouragement & facts to become one of the BEST and most profitable by providing a service that dog owners are longing for.

Read 4 of the 12 case studies:

A Big Project (UK)

Dogs Trust utilises clever kennel design. They want to solve the problem of why there are so many unwanted dogs, and seeks to achieve this through practical measures and awareness-raising initiatives to educate and inform dog-owners.

Click to read excerpt
Read case study

The Personal Touch (UK)

If anyone’s in any doubt about the need for good kennels, they needn’t be! I’ve been so busy it’s been unbelievable as I’m snowed under with bookings and continually turning people away.
Jane Cole, Gentian Hill Boarding Kennels

21st Century Dog Apartments (USA)

Maddie's Adoption Center has exceeded the Society’s most hopeful expectations. From increased adoptions, including many hard-to-place dogs and cats, to reductions in the animals’ length of stay, it has been an unqualified success!
San Francisco SPCA

Large Suite Dog Accommodation (UK)

When you get clients driving 15 hours just to come and look at the kennels before booking their dog in, it speaks volumes!

We love the fact that we are appealing to people just like us who have never left their dogs before. It is a lovely feeling to know that all of these people are happy to leave their precious dogs with us – does it get any better than this? We don’t think so!
Jackie Ferrier, The Canine Country Club

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We've miniaturised the whole book (above) for you to flick through it on this page, but this BIG book has almost 500 pages & colour photos!

Size: it is 10" x 10.5" x 1.25" (25cm x 27cm x 3.1cm).

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Start learning today what it takes to start, run, and grow a successful kennels business and whether it is right for you. Don't waste any more time hunting on the web for the detailed information you want to start your kennels - it's only available in this fabulous book.

If starting a kennels is truly your dream, we will do everything we can to help you achieve success.

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