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How to start, build or upgrade your own kennels or dog hotel


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Do you dream of running your own kennels and loving your lifestyle working with dogs?

We help THOUSANDS of people worldwide make the exciting, life-changing decision about starting kennels.

  50 percent off

Kennel Design
hardback book

This ENORMOUS glossy hard-cover book has almost 500 pages and large colour photos... packed with ideas and inspiration from getting planning/ zoning, dog welfare in design, drainage/ waste disposal, legislation, services and utilities - and of course kennel layouts...



Wondering where to start?

Is starting kennels for you?

Find out now if starting a boarding kennels or dog hotel is right for you - and if it is, exactly how you get started...

Kennels Finance Kit  

Kennels Finance

Find out step-by-step what your income could be, what fees higher quality kennels should be charging, and which types of kennels increase your profits AND give you a better lifestyle...



Cattery Design

Be confident it's right for you

Find out how to get started

What standard to aim for

Be financially and personally successful

Find the right property

What 97% of catteries do wrong.

Existing or new kennels owner?

Getting Customers - 30-90% more bookings!


When you're ready to start attracting new customers we can help you get 30-90% of your bookings! We promote quality & caring kennels to dog owners with our top ranking site boardingKennels.org

Get 30-90% more kennel bookings

We encourage & educate dog owners to seek quality, & how to choose the best boarding kennels for their dog

We provide dog lovers with ALL the facts to learn how to build new, or improve kennels for themselves. Better dog welfare in kennels encourages more dog rehoming, happier boarded dogs, relieved and delighted dog owners - and well-deserved and well-earned financial success for those who care enough to start with the right knowledge.

And we would love to help you too. We share real-life information and stories from the most all-round successful kennels (they are surprisingly rare!) - so you can make informed decisions for your future lifestyle, income and dreams of becoming a quality kennel or dog hotel owner.

How we can help you:

  • Online kits - if you need help with your decision to start up and how to begin or finance (income, what to charge, build costs).

  • Kennel Design book - this beautiful book is stuffed with information on all aspects of kennel planning and designs, to construction materials.

  • Designs/ blueprints - some of our latest dog hotel designs in the Kennel Design book.

  • Getting customers - our clients get up to 90% of their bookings through us www.BoardingKennels.org

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