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Do you dream of running your own kennels and loving your lifestyle, working with dogs?

woman hugging dogWe provide expert resources and we've helped thousands of people worldwide make the exciting, life-changing decision about starting kennels.


We provide expert information on how to build new kennels, or improve existing ones. Better dog welfare in kennels encourages more dog rehoming, happier boarded dogs, relieved and delighted dog owners - and well-deserved and well-earned financial success for those who care enough to build something amazing from the start.

And we would love to help you too. We share real-life information and stories from the most all-round successful kennels, so you can make informed decisions for your future lifestyle, income and dreams of becoming a quality kennel or dog hotel owner. Start below, where you will find our much-loved 'walk-you-through-it' kits to help you start making your dream a reality.


Is starting kennels right for me? Where do I start?

starting-kennelsbuying or selling boarding kennelsbuying kennels property audit

Find out if starting a boarding kennels or dog hotel is right for you - and if it is, how to get started. Get tips on how to buy or sell successfully and download our money-saving Property Audit to assess any premises to find out if they're perfect for you


Kennel Design by David Key

The essential guide to designing, building or upgrading kennels... from start to finish

How to decide what you want to build.

Packed with knowledge, ideas and inspiration from getting planning/ zoning, dog welfare in design, drainage/ waste disposal, legislation, services and utilities - and of course, amazing kennel designs


kennels start up costs and income kennels business finance

What can I earn?

What will it cost to build?

Find out what your income could be, what fees quality kennels should be charging, and which kennels type increase your profits AND give you a better lifestyle. With FREE business plan


Discover our latest inspirational kennels and dog hotel plans

Stunning 3D images and a Building Specification are included with our kennel and dog hotel blueprints and plans - ideal for presenting to planners, builders and your future customers!

Since 2007 our clients have built kennels worldwide with our trademark style of high quality and standards plans. We wil help you maximise dog welfare and behaviour in kennels, create our famous WOW factor for your customers, and build successful kennels that are a dream to visit and work in



Opening & getting more bookings

For kennel owners

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