Which Option is Right for Me?

Your choice is best based on your situation

The following will help you with your decision...

Just applying for Planning/ Zoning Permission?

I want simple layouts to apply for Planning/ Zoning permission ONLY.

Best choice: Planning/Zoning Blueprint & 3D Images

Choose this if any of these apply:

  • Planning/ zoning are positive about your ideas but can't give you feedback without a to-scale set of plans.

  • You anticipate difficulty getting planning/ zoning permission and need to be very clear about the quality, low numbers and suitability of your proposal.

  • You are ready to apply for planning/ zoning permission.

Confident about Planning/Zoning Permission AND Building?

I want drawings to apply for Planning/ Zoning
full working drawings for construction & quotations.

Best choice: Planning/ Zoning & Building Blueprints + 3D Images + Building Specification

Choose the full option if any of these apply:

  • You want to apply for planning/ zoning permission

  • You have already had good feedback from your local authority about your proposal and they have indicated permission may likely be granted. (For example, you may have already printed off our pages & discussed your plans with them).

  • You already have permission & want to start building

What else can you help me with?

Kennel Design (Professional Reference)

Know your choices on designs, materials & finishes, noise and stress reduction, good practice, real-life case studies, more designs and David's guidance.

Kennel  Design by David KeyWe strongly recommend you own a copy of this book (especially if you are purchasing blueprints and/or the Building Specification). It will take you through all the options you have at every stage of kennel development or upgrading.

Your builder and/or architect will probably permanently 'borrow' it - so it's always good to have a spare copy! Kennel Design book


Do you have questions about our blueprints/plans?

If you need help or have questions, please just contact us as sometimes it can be helpful to talk it through. We want to make absolutely sure you get the right option for your situation and aspirations.

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David Key Design or alterations,
bespoke or consultancy?

Please contact David Key

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