Size of Plans

Whether you have your blueprints printed locally or by us, please note their SIZE:

An A1 drawing is printed on a LARGE sheet of paper.

A normal sheet of letter/headed paper is A4.

A1 is eight times the size normal letter paper.

A1 is approximately:
841 mm x 594mm
23 3/8" x 33 1/8" inches

Digital Documents

Your blueprints will be emailed to you as a PDF documents , allowing you to email them to your Planning/Zoning Authority, Licensing Officer, Environment Officer, Highways Officer, builders for quotations, architect etc.

Paper Copies (optional)

Optional: paper copies can also be ordered if you do not have a local printing company capable of printing such large documents (A1 size) locally.


Do you have questions about our blueprints/plans?

If you need help or have questions, please just contact us as sometimes it can be helpful to talk it through. We want to make absolutely sure you get the right option for your situation and aspirations.

For more information

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